Architectural Squares between Tradition and Modernity

© Gallarati Architetti, 2005

The study of Italian Renaissance architectural squares and of the larger scale successive baroque interventions on them does not only offer a new vision of the more or less renowned realizations on the theme of the forum-square, but has also permitted us to contrast the answers given in different situations to the question of an urban space treated as a unique architecture.
The theme is at all times up-to-date, both in the case of urban spaces to be set within consolidated tissues, and in that of new settlements or new quarters, which require facing in one intervention problems varying from the urban scale to the building scale and to the architectural scale.
Therefore, the study and interpretation of the examples of the past, tending to single out the type-solutions for recurrent problems of architectural and compositive kind and not only to document a particular aspect of the history of the urban morphology, become a critical-operative instrument absolutely essential for the planning and realization of new building units and urban spaces architecturally unitary.

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