The Awareness of the Preexistent

© Gallarati Architetti, 2009

This book starts from a proposal of the AIÒN editors to publish a volume focused on some of our most recent projects. But for us this was really the occasion for a larger, even synthetic collection of our most significant projects and realizations, some already published in different reviews of the sector and others still unpublished.
This occasion also coincided with the new organization of our practice and the start of the new “Gallarati Architects” association.
So this volume can be considered as the conclusion of a journey which began in the Seventies, and, we hope, as the starting point of a new trip more or less uneven but certainly more consciously made.
As a consequence the organization of the material to publish has brought to an analysis of the first thirty years of our activity, starting from our projects, on minor themes and of occasional character, to come to some more important experiences, set on a major scale.

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