Towards new Traditional Urban Fabrics: learning from London

© Gallarati Architetti, 2013

The images of modern towns that we can find on the web and on the media usually represent neighborhoods characterized by tall buildings: in some night views they may even appear beautiful in their sparkling aspect: but it’s hard to identify them, they seem all alike. And also in the daylight pictures the towns seem almost the same, flattened out on the American model.
Besides, which is more important, they are all ugly.
It is not the same for the towns of the past: even from the images of little sections of the European traditional towns it seems impossible to confuse them! And it is not because of some single building or monument. Each of these towns has its own character due to the very nature of its urban fabric.
In this survey on London 17th-19th century planned developments we have tried to line out the main characters of the traditional urban fabrics.
We believe it can be resumed and actualized, and this may be our commitment.

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