New´Associations Home´ in Scoffera, Davagna (Ge)

Programma Nuovi Progetti di Interventi - DL Sblocca Italia 133/2014
Civic Hall in Scoffera
Civic Hall in Scoffera
Civic Hall in Scoffera

Client: Municipality of Davagna (Ge)

Chronology: Design: 2015 - Construction: in progress


Architectural design: Gallarati Architetti

Structures: Massimo Corradi

Technological systems: Luca Pizzorni


The “Associations Home” in the locality of Scoffera in Davagna is a project of public building, with an area of about 80 square meters and designed to accommodate spaces for associations. The new intervention is located in a public area of extreme importance for city life: the area adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of Victories, near the main square of Scoffera. The area were degraded and occupied by crumbling buildings: the project has therefore foreseen the demolition of the existing building and the construction of new prefabricated wooden structure that can ensure better quality and significantly higher energy performance.

In Scoffera, the building consists of a prefabricated wooden structure with rectangular plan and pitched roof; space covered consists of six bays, of which only four are enclosed by walls and form a civic hall with its services; the first two bays on the west and east sides are public arcades to be used for outdoor events. To emphasize the continuity of the space covered inside and outside, on the west there is a glass façade with steel frame and insulation. The same technology is used for the two glass doors on the south side. The exterior finish of the walls is plaster painted with colors typical of the place. On the west and south facades it is provided the application of a coating of brise-soleil consist of wooden strips on steel frame.