Today’s global crisis is deeply affecting our vision of the relationship between man and the natural and built environment
Besides, in today’s architectural and building production there does not always seem to be in the projects an interest for solutions that may permit an adequate relation between the new intervention and pre-existent structures. On the contrary, in many cases, we can notice a generic - and sterile- research of new forms inspired rather by a wish for personal new accomplishments in opposition to the context. This situation can no longer be accepted, just as the systematic destruction of the territory and the environment clearly show.
We believe that only a clear knowledge of the general structure of the pre-existent context permits us to find the real meaning of the intervention that we are approaching in consideration of the limits defined by the higher scale structure containing it and of those on a minor scale that form it. And it is in this very choice to operate according to the evolutive and transformative attitudes of the structures that are the objects of our interventions that lies, in our opinion, the main civic responsibility of the architect.
This is our commitment: to keep facing the themes of architecture at the various scales in which it is found (architectural, building, urban and territorial) grounding ourselves in a coherent line of project research. With our eyes on the future, this approach may permit us to acquire and maintain the experience of the past and the tradition, in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of a misconceived ‘modernity’, seen as indiscriminate ‘development’ and ‘invention’ of novelties at all costs, most responsible for the ravaging of our towns and of our landscape.